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Clifford Cup 2012

Clifford Cup 2012

Clifford Cup 2012

Clifford Cup 2012

Slimline wins Clifford Cup after 6 years

The Amateur Boxing Association of Sri Lanka (ABA) successfully concluded the 86th Menís & Womenís Clifford Cup Boxing Championships 2012, which extended from the 24th of September to Friday the 28th of September 2012. The Clifford Cup Championship attracted a large number of male and female contestants from many a boxing clubs across the country. There were 142 male and 43 female pugilists representing over 21 clubs - mainly from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Slimline, Linea Clothing, MAS Southern, Silueta, Unichela, Vidyartha and Vidyarathana BC, who vied for the coveted Clifford Cup. The history of Boxing for the first time had a major tournament of this nature extended for five days, which enabled a large number of applicants to participate. Previously all major boxing meets were conducted over a period of four days, at the most.

For the first time in the history of the tournament, the menís and womenís championship was won by MAS Holdings subsidiaries - Slimline SC and MAS Southern BC. In Slimline SCís last 12 year boxing history, it made a record by securing a 24 points margin and winning 6 weight categories out of 7 in the finals out of the 10 menís weight Classes. Last yearís champions, Sri Lanka Army won 2 weight classes and secured the second place, while the Air force and Police won one weight class each. The MAS Southern Boxing Club proceeded to win the womenís championships by winning 6 weight classes while the Army and Police won 1 weight class each.

The Best Men Boxer award was won by Dilshan of Sri Lanka Air Force after a stunning knock out to 2012 Clifford Cup best boxer S.N. Heelbathdiniya of Slimline in the 2nd round. Menís Best Loser award was won by W.A.C.I. Perera of the Army after a fierce fight with the Champion of Light Fly weight category M.R. Sadaruwan of Slimline in the Semi Finals.
The Best Boxer Womenís award was won by 2010 Sri Lanka representative at the Asian Games Niranjala Senanayake and Best Loser Womenís award was won by H.S. Priyangi who was beaten by the Asian Championship Gold medalist in 2005.

Retired Deputy Chief of Police and Olympic Boxer, Mr. Sumith Liyanage graced the 86th Menís & Womenís Clifford Cup Boxing Championship as the Chief Guest.


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